Weight Loss: A person needs protein intake to stay healthy. Protein is also necessary for proper growth and maintenance of the body. Apart from this, a person usually needs to consume more or less protein keeping in mind his age, size, type of work and health. Proteins are molecules made of amino acids that the body needs to function properly, repair tissues, and maintain muscle and bone health. At the same time, protein is also useful in weight loss. Eating high protein boosts metabolism and also reduces food cravings, which helps in reducing weight. Here are some protein sources which you can make a part of your weight loss diet.

Protein rich foods for weight loss :
Pulses contain abundant amounts of protein. By consuming them, along with protein, the body also gets B vitamins, folate, zinc and other nutrients and minerals. From half a cup of pulses, a person gets up to 9 grams of protein and 101 calories. You can consume pulses 2 to 3 times a week.


You would hardly have heard mention of jackfruit among the things rich in protein. But, for your surprise, let us tell you that jackfruit is also a good source of protein. Many people eat jackfruit raw like a fruit, while there are many who like to make spicy vegetable and eat it. Along with protein, vitamin C, fiber and potassium are also found in it.

Pumpkin seeds:
Dry fruits and many types of seeds are good sources of protein. Pumpkin seeds are also included in these. Pumpkin seeds contain omega-3 acids, vitamins, unsaturated fats and obviously protein. You can include these seeds in your diet by cleaning and roasting them. They can also be eaten by preparing salads, sandwiches, snacks and butter.

Soy Milk:
Soya milk is rich in protein. It proves to be a good source of protein for vegans also. Soy milk is also rich in calcium. Include it in your diet in different ways. You can make tea, shakes, use it in oats or cereals etc.

Non-vegetarian people generally do not suffer from protein deficiency. Chicken is rich in protein and by consuming it a person gets a lot of protein. The body gets maximum protein by eating baked chicken. This will reduce calorie intake and provide more protein.


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