Obesity: Body shaming because of fat is a very bad thing. But increasing fat is also dangerous from health point of view. Here we are telling about 8 such diseases which occur due to increase in fat…

Obesity and Diseases: There are some diseases which do not cause any special problem. But due to these diseases other diseases definitely start troubling you. One such disease is obesity, due to which there is difficulty in just getting up, sitting and walking, but obesity causes many problems ranging from cholesterol to diabetes and heart disease. Here 8 such diseases are being told…

1. Osteoarthritis: Excess weight due to obesity has a very bad effect on the knees. However, its effect is different on every person’s body. But for some people, increased weight due to obesity damages the cartilage present in the knee joints. This condition progresses and takes the form of osteoarthritis.

2. Stroke and heart disease: People who gain too much weight start having problems with high cholesterol and high blood sugar in their body, both these conditions increase the risk of heart stroke.

3. Diabetes Type-2: Diabetes Type-2 is one of the most common diseases related to obesity. That is, that type of diabetes which is a lifestyle disease.

4. Risk of cancer: Certain types of cancer are triggered by obesity. That is why it is said that people suffering from obesity have a high risk of getting cancer. Like, colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer etc.

5. Gallbladder Disease: Gallbladder related diseases are much more common in obese people than in fit people. Especially in those people who gain weight very quickly or lose weight very quickly. Therefore, to avoid the problem of gallbladder stone, while losing weight, make sure that you lose weight at the rate of one pound every week.

6. Sleep disorders: You may suffer from excessive sleep or less sleep, either of these problems due to obesity. This happens because due to excess of fat, the upper part of the respiratory tract shrinks, due to which there is lack of oxygen in the body and blood supply starts slowing down, hence more sleep occurs.

7. Asthma: According to the American Lung Association, accumulation of excess fat on the stomach and chest constricts the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing. This causes the problem of asthma.

8. Uric acid problem: The problem of increase in uric acid in the blood is called Gout. Due to increased uric acid level in the blood, joint pain occurs.

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